Chartering forms an important part of the maritime sector. Our Chartering Department comprises of experts with a long standing experience in this field. Backed by their experience, our team has the potential to work in a very competitive and rigorous environment by providing instant chartering and post fixture services by focusing on providing individual solutions which are created to meet the criteria, demands and requirements of each individual client..

We believe in offering the most affordable, competitive and attractive rates to our clients while maintaining quality and delivering service of the highest standard.
Believing in going the extra mile beyond our customers expectation, we deliver the best ship chartering service.

Broking and Commercial Management

The field of Ship Broking is challenging and exciting at the same time. Charter Agreements are tricky documents to create. Our team of experienced shipbrokers, who are always up-to-date on the latest developments in this field, help in preparing contracts, laying out the various terms, and making the whole process of chartering easier for the Charter Parties.
Our team is aware of the latest changes in maritime laws, types of acceptable cargoes for each type of vessel, rules of charter agreements, common chartering practices and maritime finances.

Understanding the present, visualizing the future and unexpressed obvious business needs and expectations of our clients, we manage to meet the highest class and standards, including but not limited to, before time delivery and quality of our ship broking services.

Through our team of experienced professionals, we offer trading vessels comprehensive management of commercials in day to day vessel operations. Our team ensures that vessels are operated efficiently and effectively by covering the aspects of safety, time and affordability.